Sailing Club

Macaronesian Sailor gives you the opportunity to sail, having or not having a sailing certificate, and to sail without having to assume the costs of maintenance of a boat.
The sailings are training oriented based on practice “You learn how to sail in a boat”.
We offer discounts to enjoy the other nautical experiences that we offer.

 No experience required

How does the Club work?

You can sign up for the sailings that we organize as a club o your con organize your own ones with the company of an experienced captain and in this way you can improve your level.

We offer you sailings that last one day in order to train in a progressive and simple way.
All of our members, from the moment they join the club, have availability to the necessary training to sail safely with berth practice and maneuvers in the harbor, trimming and anchoring completely for free.

You will progress as you get more experience and therefore you will assume more important roles in following journeys.
Training is available in whatever you need… individual lessons for you to sail and dock on your own and with complete confidence, team courses for club members (sailing in bad weather conditions, sailing alone, dock and anchoring techniques, high altitude crossing, etc)

Monthly fee allows you to access all these options, as well as to get discounts for the charter of our vessel Ekhi Bat

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